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Pultrusion is a continuous process using fiberglass reinforcements with thermosetting resin material, the continuous fiberglass roving and fiber mat are drawn through a resin bath and then through a serious of pulling guides and a heated mould, and finally forming the desired grating which is automated production process.

· Pultruded grating has most of the futures of molded grating, while it also has different outstanding features. The most important is the loading rod has high fiberglass content(65%-70%).So it compared with molded grating, the use of more superiority in lager span under can reduce base support and decrease engineering cost.

· Pultruded grating choose the best Rotho, ISO , VE material and surface with mat,so it has excellent corrosion resistance performance.

Light weight
· Pultruded grating weight is quarter of steel grating, it is easy to move, so It can save transport fee.

High strength
· Pultruded grating according to weight ratio was 35% resin and 65% fiberglass, so it has high strength and weight ratio.

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